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Castle Naerytar, Ac’nag’caThe Thayan people lost a champion today when a tauren native of that land, Paegus of Tyr, fell to a crafty Kranak ambush deep within the catacombs of this recently renovated near-ruin in the ‘Mere of Dead Men.’ The towering (and reportedly charming) warrior met a violent end when dozen of the toad-men emerged from a dark underground pond, springing a cunningly-laid ambush against the paladin and his hesitant company. Erlich Wyvernsting, a local eyewitness to the event, said that Paegus fought well to the end. “You gotta give the monster credit- he didn’t go down easy, but he did eventually go down, all praise be to Her Dark Majesty,” said Wyvernsting, a Dragonwing in the locally popular Melchori dragon cult. “A real shame seeing that Red Wizard drag his corpse off, but questioning that sort is well above my pay grade.”

Quezal (Addressing the group)
So… sucks about that Cow-guy…

Kheg Tealeaf:
We witnessed a lot of crazy shit from that ox, but oxen aren’t know to be all that intelligent. The animal had big balls to match his big feet, but his brain? …Something was off. On the other hand trying to save a fallen comrade against all odds is as noble as one can get. If I wore a hat I’d take it off to you Peagus. RIP.

Peagus, your realm has lost a mighty warrior. You were lost to us doing what you loved, making annoying people go squish. I have prayed to the Raven Queen to protect your soul and I shall honor your memory by sending as many of these short annoying creatures to visit you in the afterlife, so that you may squish them for eternity.

The Hammer

Myr DarotThe early spoilwagon today included a heavily-muscled, well-fed dwarf corpse. The body had been beaten, mutilated and found tossed atop the southeastern hedgewall, Guardcaptain Elward_of House Remenstrad reported this morning, breaking the settlement’s eight-day streak without a discovered body. Inquiries were made with several merchants and handlers from a trading caravan that arrived last night, and your reporter has confirmed the identity of the victim, one “Hammer” recently of Tyr Näg. The dwarf was reportedly of dubious character, according to some in his caravan. “I truly believe he was a member of that crazy dragon cult you hear so much about these days,” said Beyd Sechopol, a successful trader of rare woods from Myr Narog’ca, “There were so many vagrants following us, there could have been a dozen more of them back there.”

Kheg Tealeaf
The Hammer was always willing to lead us into the thick of it and in the end was often carrying some of us out of it too. He saved more lives than what he could probably count — not that he could count all that high if he tried, but my point is this: although he had a damaged noggin, his courage and team spirit were sound and unquestionable.

Guntor Thunderseeker

Myr LeilonThe Melchori dragon cult has laid their boldest stroke yet, a devastating nighttime raid against this northern trading depot that sits just atop Truth Valley. Dozens were killed and hundreds have been wounded by a quick-striking force of over 200 kobolds and demihumans. allegedly pirating hundreds of gold pieces and still hundreds more in goods. Among the fallen was one Guntor of Thundertree, whom witnesses say courageously wrestled with a tin-masked assassin, ensuring that the blackguard’s attention was diverted from looting nearby homes of their rags and nightsoil jars. The youth’s sacrifice allowed the villain to be taken alive, to answer for the crimes of his dark organization.

The Hammer:
Guntor wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. But he didn’t do it through boasting. He did it through making good battle decisions. The Hammer is foolish sometimes and doesn’t think his own decisions through. Guntor did. Because of that he saved our asses on many occasions. I feel bad for the family he left behind. He never got to clear out his home town. He never got to ride a Peekwyrm. At least I have his armor to remember him by. I’m gonna miss that kid. And his damn owl too.

Kheg Tealeaf
He had guts and he had drive, but he also had heart. Despite not getting to slay Venomfang and become the champion of Thundertree. he was still an asset to the entire Sword Coast. RIP my brethren.

Amon Arkham

Ruins of Dor NavraKing Grol, a temperamental bugbear who’d stitched together a credible goblin power base here at “Cragmaw Castle,” has died at the age of 19. Details of his fall are unclear, as there were no witnesses to his slaying, but several area goblins confirmed that he was in fact a victim of violent homicide, despite being surrounded by nearly one hundred of his devoted clan. It is at present unclear if the Cragmaw tribe will stay united in the absence of their ferocious leader, but your correspondent has confirmed sighting of goblin war parties aggressively searching the Neverwinter Wood for a large group reported to include humans, dark elves, and at least one halfling.

Charlatan Jones: The brotherhood of roguish gentry lost one of their own today as the grand actor Amon Arkham passed. Brother of the crooked smile, I doff my cap to thee. It is a very nice hat and I’m sure you would have liked it. Fare thee well brother. Pity we were unable to loot your corpse, I’m sure it’s what you would have wanted.

The branches of trees grabbed and pulled at his chainmail as Guntor pushed, rather unceremoniously, through the dense brush of the wood. A stubborn vine caught on his shoulder and he tugged and thrashed; accomplishing nothing but make a great amount of noise and draw the concerned stares of his companions. Blinded by his anger, Guntor pushed past them and what his frustration interpreted as accusatory glares. Continuing his raucous march, Guntor got lost in his own thoughts.
‘Amon is dead and it’s my fault.’
‘No, there… there was nothing I could do!’
‘They all know I’m to blame.’
He thought as eyes burned holes into his back.
‘The mission was the Dwarf and we succeeded. Now we can find the cave.’
‘Does that mean some cave is more important than Amon’s life!?’
‘No! That’s not what it means! I… I’m sure of it…’
‘Wasn’t he my friend!? How could I leave a friend to die!?’
‘He was just!… He wasn’t my!… I don’t know.’
Guilt and uncertainty weighed down his heart when Guntor finally found himself on the road. The sun washed over him and shined light into his mirk of emotions. Offering enough clarity to comprehend two things, Amon was a loyal leader who didn’t deserve to die, and it would be unfair of him to take his anger out on his companions. Guntor was changed, and somewhere in the back of his mind he knew it was because of Amon’s presence in his life.
‘Should I thank him, or should I curse him?’

Kheg: Amon really hid his evil side well; so well in fact that I didn’t even know he was evil until the inevitable talk of the dearly departed pulled those bones out of Amon’s closet.

I didn’t agree or understand some of Amon’s decisions, but with the light shed on his evilness, I understand him much better now. For someone who was evil though, he tried hard to satisfy 6 distinctly different people. It’s an impossible task, but one Amon took on with grace.

If his ratio of incapacitated squad members to battles fought is a determining factor, Amon would burn in hell eternally, but with the blood of only one subordinate — Dain Ironfist — on his hands, his 16 day tenure wasn’t bad.

It’s too bad how things played out in the kings quarters of Cragmaw Castle, but better you than me bro.

It is a shame, really, that in the end your dark god couldn’t grant you enough strength to pull off a truly glorious Eldritch blast. Your knowledge was inferior to mine, of course, but I always did appreciate the way you ran to the back of the party to protect yourself. Survival instincts like that are what keep us soulbound cretins alive. Alas, if I could have saved you, I still probably would have gotten myself out instead. I’m sure you understand. I do hope your souls torment is not more than you can bear.

Dain Ironfist

PhandalinA local adventuring company out of Neverwinter reported the loss of one of its leaders today. Dain Ironfist, a devoted priest of Dumathoin, was lost last night in an unexpected and bloody exchange between his mercenary band and a reputed gang that were discovered hiding out beneath the old Tresendar Manor. Eyewitnesses to the event report that the young dwarf was overwhelmed when three of the scarlet-cloaked thugs surprised the group. While some local members of the “Redbrand Gang” have suggested that the intruder “had it coming on account of his trespassing,” others have been threatening reprisals against the town for “impudence.” Inquiries from the Ironfist clan about claiming the remains of the deceased have not yet been addressed.

Amon Arkham: On that day in that horrid basement we lost not just a fellow combatant, but a good potential drinking buddy too. I never did get the chance to drink this particular dwarf under the table. Then again the whole point was to get shit faced anyway despite winning or losing. We’ll never have that contest. Especially not when I die. Greater forces have other plans. Well enough about me, this is about you, Dain. We all miss you. Except for the two half-drow fellows that never met you, but I’m sure they would have as well.

Kheg: I found him to be very likeable and fun, but I only knew him for 5 days before rigor mortis set in. He was a true team player who saved lives with enthusiasm, and drank with even greater. That’s two thumbs up in my book.

Owly Cartographer I

Alas, poor Owly! I knew him, Charlatan, an owl of infinite
jest, of most excellent fancy.


Charlatan: Orcs have names? Huh, well it was odd how that one tried to give us a book in the end there. There really is no end to the surprises in the north.

In Memoriam

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