Sorched Continent Backstory

Hundreds of years ago, the massive continent of Hunnos was a thriving empire that relied heavily on magic. From everyday mundane activities, transportation, infrastructure, agriculture, and more. Every facet of life in the Hunnotian Empire revolved around magic. The Emperor and his High Senate of Mages ruled the empire and were among the strongest of magic users in the entire world. Their knowledge and power surpassed any standards of magic that we know. The Emperor himself due to his magic elevated himself to a demigod status, ruling for centuries unopposed. Those that did oppose were promptly crushed by the might of him and his armies.

As years wore on discontent grew amongst the High Senate with the Emperor. The Senate was a mixture of mages old and new. They believed that they could better rule the empire without the autocratic influence of the Emperor. This decision and following rebellion started the largest — and fastest war in all of history.

The clash of magic between the god-king Emperor and the Senate literally burned the Empire to ashes. Millions died, cities crumbled, and the land was torn asunder. In the end, no one was said to survive. The central lands of the Empire had become blighted wasteland. Those that didn’t die from the resulting cataclysm became victim to the spellplague that arose from the release of such massive magical energies.

A few hundred years later after the Scorching, the land of Hunnos has been trying to pick itself back up. The few lands that had not been wiped clean hid in the mountains, valleys, and fringes of the continent. They became bastions of new civilization forming independent city states with their own agendas. The majority of the lands however are scorched and blighted ruins of their former selves. Monstrous abhorrations, raiders, and creatures rule these lands in a state of constant chaos. Many seek the hidden riches that lie in the bones of the old empire. Few return alive.

Sorched Continent Backstory

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