Scorched Continent Spellplague

The spellplague will play a big role in this game. Many of the inhabitants of the scorch will have some sort of spellplague affliction. Being spellplagued isn’t a death sentence and does not outcast you from society. However it does have it’s downsides. You will gain exposure if you are hit by spellplagued spells or if you are in a highly blighted area for a long time and fail your con saves. You lose 1 exposure per long rest if not in a blighted area. Spellplague is easily distinguished by blue glowing veins in whatever exposed area begins to affect it.

There are different levels of exposure. When you gain a level of spell plague you can NOT reverse it. At low-none you won’t notice any effects.

At level 1 exposure you gain a cantrip but become plague marked which may affect your social interaction. You will find this to be somewhat of a common affliction especially on those living on the edges or in the scorch. Some may sympathize while others look down upon it.

Level 2 exposure grants you a spellplague affliction. This can be a breath weapon-like ability or something more passive like stone skin. What ability you get will depend on your race and class and your general play style. Do note that these feats all have a downside depending on what it is. Your plague level is clearly visible on your body and even affects your face and eye color.

Level 3 exposure is dangerous. Your previous affliction is increased but you begin to lose yourself and your disability is stronger. You will have disadvantage on all wisdom & charisma skill checks and saves and are shunned from society. Some towns won’t even let you into them.

Level 4 exposure is the end for your character. At this point the plague has consumed their mind and they turn into an abhorration of whatever their feat is related to.

Don’t be scared by this though. You’ll know when you are about to turn into the next level. Certain clerics can take away exposure but they cannot undo spellplague levels.

Scorched Continent Spellplague

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