Amon Arkham

Deceased, International Man of Mystery


A dashing human warlock with a tendency to telepath his enemies at the most inopportune time. He is a well traveled former spy for the Council of Neverwinter.

Initially a student of the arcane and occult, he was recruited as a spy to infiltrate a mysterious cult that had been responsible for numerous disappearances in the city. This was fate, as the diety, known as Cthulhu, called out to him personally. He was not fully aware of this calling and chalked it up to mere hallucinations and strange dreams. After months of gaining their trust the cult members along with Amon were lead to a shrine in the open sea. Cthulhu then appeared in a lesser form and proceeded to rip apart the minds of the entire cult, only sparing Amon to become one of his personal thralls. While not under complete control he has merely become a card in the Elder God’s deck to be used when the time is right.

Presumed MIA by his benefactors, he joined up with a mercenary band. His experience led him to a higher rank, which came in handy when it came time to jump ship with some of his subordinates.

As his unnatural eldritch power grows he can feel the tendrils of Cthulhu in his mind slithering their way in. His grip on his sanity will come looser. His fake personas of disguise may become more than mere acts and take on a life of their own.

Amon met his untimely end at Kragmaw Castle. A nasty drow gutted him rather instantly. His eye was poked out by goblins and the rest of his body was ripped apart and used for various uses, much like all the parts are used of a buffalo.

His soul was delivered to his master, Cthulhu. He had asked first an unanswerable question about the time of Cthulhu’s reckoning. Secondly he attempted to make a request but was promptly devoured by the great old god.

Amon Arkham

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