The Journel of Rabadash Tirish Fillidious II

From the private writings of Rabadash Tirish Fillidious II

Success! About two weeks ago I heard about that group that stole from that big wig in Harrar and trashed his mansion (he was pissed). Well, I also heard that they had something to do with the takeover of Harrar. On top of all this, they show up at my doorstep (figuratively)! In a shiny new Frigate class skiff no less.

I’ve been trying to secure a connection with The Daggers for a while now. Just imagine if I could establish myself as their supplier and fence. I would control the finances of one of the largest crime syndicates outside of Cape Horn! They would buy from me and sell from me! (Talk about lucrative)

Needless to say, I had no problem procuring passage on the vessel. It even turned out better than I hoped. From what I’ve been able to discern they aren’t necessarily Daggers themselves, but my contact was correct that they have some kind of tie to The Daggers (their companion Drinkle is evidence of that). He’s some kind of thief, but he’s never sold to me or anyone I know about. So, he’s definitely connected to some other organization. I’m guessing The Daggers.

Anyway, the rest of the group seems alright. I’m going to have to figure out how to work my way into their band of whatever they are. I still can’t tell if they’re mercenaries, thieves or adventurers. Well, the crew of four that run the ship are definitely Daggers; they have that what’s-a-bath smell about them. I’m going to chat one of them up, probably Hungry Hank, and try to get him to tell me what their mission is.



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