Session 3

Day 6

Day 6; Early morning; Aderlead Farm

With Dak passed out, Amon, Kheg, Charlatan, and Charlatan’s twin sister Miz’ry get word from Carp Alderlead that the Redbrands suspect Amon Arkham to be responsible for the prior day’s slayings of 3 of their own as well as 3 bugbears in the cellar of Tresendar Manor. Glasstaff has instructed his Redbrands to start fires and destroy businesses in order to flush Amon out of hiding.

Fearing more destruction is to come, the squad felt it best to go into town; find the Redbrands and quell all of the chaos. Amon, while in disquise, led his team into town and as they hoped, they ran across a trio of Redbrands. Charlatan was able to persuade them that he and Miz’ry be taken to meet with Glasstaff. Upon being escorted to the hideout entrance, Amon and Kheg stealthily follow. As Charlatan and Miz’ry climbed down the stairs at the cave entrance, one of the 3 Redbrands stayed outside to guard the entrance and he was holding a crossbow.

Amon and Kheg take advantage of the situation and ambush the thug. Amon wastes no time in bloodying the crossbowman by casting a spell. As Amon continues to take out the guard, a Redbrand came out of the hideout and focuses on Kheg in a hack-and-run chase along the treeline of the woods. Amon finishes off the crossbowman and watches him hit the ground and out of sight fall as he tumbles down the steps of the hideout entrance. Mean while Kheg becomes bloody as he continues to be pursued. Amon kills a second thug and the one hunting down Kheg is finished off with an Eldridge Bolt cast from one of the Jones twins.

With the melee now complete the group heads back to the center of town. It is here that the squad finds 3 more Redbrands; one of which is armed with a crossbow. Kheg hits one with an arrow; Amon puts a hex on one, and Charlatan, well…he gets hit by a couple of shortswords and hits the ground incapacitated. After taking another shot with his shortbow, Kheg uses stealth for cover. Miz’ry was able to frighten the two remaining Redbrands.

Once the melee was over the party ran across Jack and Guntar who had both been away for a day. Accompanying Jack and Guntar was a half orc paladin named Vola who was interested in joining Amon’s team. Due to the prior melees, the crew needed to take a rest, but only had time to take a short one and used the Stonehill Inn in order to stay out of sight.

It’s was early afternoon in the summer, in Phandalin when the party of 7 left the inn and headed towards the mayor’s home of Tresendar Manor. The plan was to conduct a second raid on the Redbrands and hoped to surprise the occupants by entering the hideout from above through the manor’s interior entrance. Upon finding that this entrance had been barred barred shut, Vola used her orcish strength to brake through with ease. Still injured from the morning’s battle, Kheg lights his lantern and follows the other 6 down the stairs and into the cellar.

Upon running across the Nothic again, the team felt that the creature was set on attacking. Upon Amon’s orders to commence battle, Vola got her first taste of combat by getting bloody, but then healed herself with L.O.H. The Nothic climbed the caven wall to the ceiling and with an arrow, Guntar was the first to draw Nothic blood, but in his hesitation to make a following strike, out of frustration Amon yelled out “Fucking shoot the thing!” Kheg had the same attack in mind that Amon had and run up next to Guntar for a better vantage point, but he failed to strike the target. Jack didn’t fare any better when he threw a javelin, but had much better luck when the Nothic countered. Jack managed to go unharmed when the Nothic used its Rotting Gaze ability. Between an arrow, sword, and Charlatan’s Magic Missile spell, it was Kheg’s arrow that got the Nothic to fall from his ceiling position down into the crevasse below, putting and end to the fight.

At the next door Jack put his ear against it to listen in. Upon not hearing anything Kheg picked the lock and the door was opened only to find 8 Redbrands all armed and bunkered down behind 4 over turned tables. Vola immediately takes an crossbow bolt, with the other 3 crossbows pointed at Kheg as he is the first to enter the room. In a tit-for-tat action by swordsmen at the tables, Kheg got a kill in due to an opportunity attack created by Amon.
In a matter of haste, Charlatan threw Kheg’s lantern at a table in hopes of starting a big fire, but all he manage to do was damage the lantern. Miz’ry struck the face of one combatant with an Eldridge Bolt and caused max damage. Kheg dropped his shortsword and immediately followed Miz’ry up with his own max. damage head shot from a shortbow. With Guntar putting the final blow on a combatant by using his sword, the number of Redbrands still active was now down to 5. It was Charlatan’s fire bolt attack on the 5th Redbrand that made the remaining 4 realize they were no match for Amon’s mercenary’s.

With 4 Redbrands tied up and treated in a manner acceptable to Vola, Kheg had finally reached significant development in his personal quest versus the gang. A Redbrand recognized Kheg thus giving the halfling the opportunity to interrogate someone who might know why Glasstaff ordered his execution. With Kheg believing that his old mate was honest in his answers, the interrogation uncovered nothing leaving Kheg to continue his search for answers.

The party also continued their search with their room to room sweep in hopes of finding Glasstaff. They found what they believe to be Glasstaff’s quarters and alchemy lab. It was here they found treasure, but most valuable was a note written by Glasstaff’s superior. This letter directly links the Redbrands to the case of the kidnapped dwarf named Gundrin and his map.

Upon the capture of 4 Redbrands and the death of 13 others as well as 3 bugbears, the mercenary team felt the raid was successful enough to vacate the hideout and return to the Alderlead Farm despite not having found Glasstaff. It is now believed that Glasstaff was staying in Kragmaw Castle due to the fear of the second hideout raid.

Day 6, late afternoon


These narratives of the weekly games are excellent, Dennis. Please keep them up!

( * * * * * ) <- five stars

Also, please apply a +100 XP bonus to Kheg for these entries to-date.

Session 3

Thank you Scott. I wish I had seen this earlier. The XP bonus is nice, but the comment means so much more.

Session 3

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