Session 2

Day 5

Day 5; morning
Underneath Tresendar Manor

As Kheg lit a lantern for the team, Aman found that he and the other mercenaries consisting of Dain, Reed and Dak were sharing cavern space with a Nothic. The team tried to converse with the aberation, but it wanted to be of no help in aiding the squad members. It only made it very clear it was hungry. Though it never said what it wanted to eat, a mental image projected into the minds of the squad members told them that halflings could easily be the main dish with the rest of team being potential desert. At this point Aman’s plans suddenly changed from discussion to combat. Dain stayed out of combat on this battle and instead dashed across a small foot bridge for what looked like a passage out of harms way. As each other team member took and attack at the Nothic, they too dashed across the bridge to meet up with Dain. Kheg was the only one to actually strike the creature by using a short bow. Although only hit once, the attacks had an effect on the creature making it want to hide. On the other side the bridge, the team found themselves in short passage than ended abruptly, but Dain found a secret door.

The party entered the door into a supply room. Kheg listened at the door of the next room and due to the noise Dak and Reed were making while rummaging through all of the barrels and crates, Kheg had difficulty on hearing clues as to what might be expected in the adjacent room. This turned out to be very costly. Kheg picked the lock and opened the door revealing 3 Redbrand; combat ensued. 2 Redbrands had swords and the one furthest back was armed with a crossbow. Kheg and Dak wanted to take out the archer first and foremost so they planned to slip by the two swordsmen using their halfling size to their advantage. As they simultaneously rushed passed the swordsmen Kheg became their only target. He got struck by a sword, but manged to make his way with Dak to the archer for close combat. This move surprised the archer due to such sudden advancement and put him on the defensive. Kheg swung a shortsword doing some damage, but not enough to bloody the archer.

Dain became incapacitated; Aman found himself bloody and only a moment later Kheg too became incapacitated after the archer dropped his crossbow and picked up a nearby shortsword. Dak ended the thugs life. Unfortuneately for Dain Ironfist, his life ended too. It took too long for the party of 5 to finish combat against only 3 targets and having Kheg out of commission didn’t help. After the last Redbrand fell, Aman healed Kheg. Aman then ordered a short rest for the team fearing that spending too much time in one spot would be a foolish thing to do.

Mean while unbeknownst to the team the manor above – the home of Harbin Westen) was being looted by two Half-Drow drifters by the names of Charlatan and Miz’ry. These lavendur skinned twins were on the run and were looking to hook up with the Redbrands in hopes of protection. The two warlocks found their way into the cellar of the manor searching for Glasstaff to become two more of his henchmen.

As the mercenary team rested, the drifters happened upon them. The team realized that these two strangers could be useful in their assault on the hideout due to being outnumbered from the start and now down a man due to untimely departing of Dain Ironfist. The team tried to persuade the drifters to join them in their fight against the Redbrands and the promise of an equal share of the 100 gp incentive given to the team by Halia Thornton, was too tempting for the drifters to refuse. Over the dead body of Dain, the deal was made and the team now includes a couple of Warlocks named Charlatan and Miz’ry; an equal split of 3 Warlocks and 3 rogues.

As beloved as Dain was for his wise decisions, his great spirit and deep compassion to heal his fellow soldiers, Dak and Kheg had no qualms with scavaging his corps, with the gold and silver coins being shared among the entire party. Kheg took just about everything he could hold, but due to still not being up to par after his near death experience, the most useful things he took was was Dain’s shield.

After the short rest the crew encountered 3 bugbears brutally tormenting a goblin. A new fight ensured and due to being far from fully healed, Kheg kept his distance and shot arrows with the first one causing severe damage; Aman finished off the same bugbear only a moment later. Miz’ry was successful in using a frost spell, but then became incapacitated. Charlatan hit one with a firebolt, and Reed hit one with an arrow. With as well as the battle seemed to be going dispite Miz’ry’s misery, Kheg started to feel safer and moved in to team up with Dak on one bugbear. Kheg taunted it to draw it’s attention off of Dak, while Dak attacked it with a sword. Kheg is attacked, but dodges and he and Dak counter attack with one of the Halflings striking the the bugbear in the leg and the other drawing blood by plunging a shortsword into the bugbear’s back. This turned out to be Kheg’s last moment of valor in the melee as he joined Miz’ry and Charlatan on the ground as one of the incapacitated. However, Reed was able to stabilize Kheg and Mizry was stabilized as well. In the end 3 bugbears were killed and their slave, a goblin named droop now becomes the captive of Aman and his team.

The goblin was promised food and safety if he leads the team to Kragmaw Castle and hopefully to Gundrin Rockseeker. The goblin, not having any choice other than death as so eliquently implied by Dak agreed to help. When the party and their captive arrived back at the Alderlead Farm, they find that Aunt Qelline had executed the other two goblin captives. Quellin Alderlead hates goblins and had they been put on a 24 hour watch instead of being left behind tied up, she wouldn’t have felt the need to waste them.



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