Scribe Pylyn on The Fillidious Family

A historical and observational analysis of The Fillidious Family, in brief.

From the tomes of Scribe Pylyn of Cape Horn:

A historical and observational analysis of The Fillidious Family, in brief.

I, Scribe Pylyn, have decided to settle down after a life of documenting the vast wastes of this marred land. Yet it seems fate does not want these old bones to calm down yet, because I ended up retiring in the rambunctious and intriguing: Cape Horn. After my first few years here I began to grow restless, and I suppose my curiosity got the better of me. So, to occupy my time I have been documenting nearly everything in this city and, in the process, turned my quaint little residence into the den of a senile madman, with scrolls pilling to the ceiling in some places. (Though, I wouldn’t have it any other way)

Bah, there I go losing my wagon of thought again. Anyway…

The Fillidious Family. In Cape Horn there are three powerful families: The Nux Family, The Durrow Family, and the subject of this tome The Fillidious Family. The Fillidious’ have been a presence in Cape Horn as far back as The Scorching. Though, it’s widely theorized that back then they were just a family of thieves and thugs. If this is true, then they’ve come a long way.

I should probably address the most immediately noticeable thing about the family first. The Fillidious’ are Dragonborn of two separate bloodlines. Their scales seem to be a mixture of Gold and Silver. Sadly, there are very few documents from before the Scorching; so, we do not know if this is a common occurrence. I know that I’ve never seen any other Dragonborn with a mixture of colors in my travels. There are many rumors around the city about how it came to be. The Fillidious’ claim it stems from Rabadash Consta’Vill Fillidious; a golden Dragonborn, Pre-Scorching, who supposedly attracted the attention of a Silver Dragon. The Dragon was said to be so in love with Rabadash that she permanently changed her shape to become his wife. The Family even has a giant tapestry in their main hall showing their family tree, which begins with Rabadash Consta’Vill Fillidious and his Dragon bride. Although, in taverns, when enough liquid courage has been drunk, people will often admit their skepticism at the validity of the Fillidious’ claim. Sighting the Spellplague as the more likely explanation. The Fillidious’ stick their noses up at the theory and vehemently deny it. The Family displays extreme pride in their lineage whenever the subject comes up, in spite of some family members begin skeptical themselves. It is joked around taverns that if you’re feeling suicidal, don’t jump from a building, just insult a Fillidious’ bloodline, it would save the rest of us from cleaning up your corpse.

With the skepticism and rumors out of the way, I can now get to the actual family its self. As far as the local historians – primarily myself – are aware The Fillidious’ have been in a position of power since the founding of Cape Horn. They have overseen the trade in an out of the city for many years. Previous generations where cruel and heartless, destroying competitors by any means necessary; in recent generations they have remained cruelly efficient but have become much more pleasant in how they run the markets of the city. This is suspected to be due to the rise of the Nux Family forty years ago, who control the ports of the city. The Nuxs’ refused to carry any of the Fillidious’ cargo until they treated the people properly and this obviously infuriated the head of the Fillidious Family at the time.

One of the shortest and strangest inter-family wars started because of this. The Family’s head (now known as Headless H’rek) came to the docks with the full force of the Fillidious Family. He was about to ready to wipe out the newly established Nuxs’. Poor cruel-bastard even had his hand up to signal the charge, when his son (now known as Dindrix the Beheader) earned this name by lopping off H’rek’s head. Unbeknownst to everyone present, Dindrix had loathed how his father had ruled the markets and this was simply the last straw for him. Dindrix went so far as to publicly declare the Nux Family the victors of the battle and ordered a retreat. Even though The Nux Family was only a family of five human dock workers against a small army of Fillidious Enforcers. The entire ordeal only lasted two-hours and left most of the city bewildered.

In the forty years since Dindrix the Beheader, the Fillidious Family has become much less power hungry and instead acted as the protectors of Cape Horn’s markets. They have by no means cut out all illegal activity, but no longer participate in the slave trade, actually put the tax gold they receive to good use bettering the city, and don’t murder without provocation. These efforts have put them on good terms with the now thriving Nux Family and have done much to grow the overall trade and wealth of the city. The current generation of the Fillidious Family is staying in the general good will of the people and city authorities.

What follows is an exploration into the current core family, and will not go into disowned kin or relatives:

K’jorn is the current head of the family and as such is addressed as Mr. Fillidious. He negotiates with the other families and generally oversees the operations of the Fillidious Family. He is a rather imposing figure and only possesses a slight tinge of silver on his golden scales. He is also nearing his sixtieth year, which is traditionally when the head of the Fillidious family chooses a successor and steps down.

His wife, Deetriss, addressed as Mrs. Fillidious, was a local Dragonborn of copper coloration who married K’jorn slightly over forty-two years ago. She usually oversees the day to day operations and delegates out work. Also, while her children are young she is responsible for their education and training.

The eldest of their children, Mork and Thera Fillidious are twins of two different genders and coloration. Mork, the male, has a fully silver coloration, without a hint of gold. His sister on the other hand, Thera, is fully gold in color. They are even opposites in personality, Mork is infamously brash and vulgar while Thera is known for being graceful and kind. Around the city they are simply known as The Twins, not only because of their birth, but because, despite their differences, they are rarely ever seen apart and seem to stick together through anything. They are approaching their twentieth year and their mother has currently put them in charge of collecting or paying shops or merchants.

Rabadash Tirish Fillidious II is the third child, and is approaching his eighteenth year. He was named after the respected ancestor because he, more than any Fillidious in recent years, shows the most sign of silver blood. Seemingly a completely even mix of gold and silver. He has even displayed innate magical ability, which I theorize is linked to his silver heritage. Due to his ability, his mother hired a wizard to properly train him from a young age. When he reached his teens at ten or eleven he began exploring the city, and much to the chagrin of his childhood bodyguard he would love to play the game: how-quickly-can-you-get-away-from-the-bodyguard. At twelve the young Rabadash became notorious in taverns for getting travelers to buy nearly anything he was selling. Locals, who were aware of his antics, would even place bets on whether or not he could sell certain ludicrous objects. Though, the betting game ended when people bet that he couldn’t sell a handful of cow manure, the concept of happiness, a single used sock, and the rights to the betting game itself as a bundle deal to a passing dignitary for the yearly income of everyone in the tavern. It is now considered illegal to play “The Selling Game” because Lord Terrance of Harrar owns it. By age fifteen he had acquainted himself with nearly every business in town and even opened a few. His mother then put him in charge of organizing and helping local shops and merchants, but when he reached his seventeenth year he went off into the world to, as he put it, “Live. Love. And probably steal a little bit.”

The youngest in the family is Dylan. He takes after his mother’s bronze scales but has a few silver and gold ones jumbled in. Dylan is currently ten years old and seems to barely leave the families estate. Everyone nearby, however, can hear him performing his endless experiments, which usually involve an explosion, a cloud of colored gas, or someone screaming, “GET WATER!” Dylan’s haggard bodyguard had to once spend an hour begging that he not jump off the roof of the mansion with a metal contraption strapped to his back.



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