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Grace of the Raven Queen

The raging battle of the castle now over. There is a calm that naturally follows. This down time allows reflection on the past few months of travel and adventure Windsplitter has had. During the night in a fever dream he is visited by his Totem spirit the Crocodile. The Croc speaks in the voice of the Raven Queen and tells him his deeds have been noticed and he is granted favor in the form of increased strength. The totem spirit touches his forehead in the dream and he is blinded by a bright light. As Windsplitter dreams his totem focus begins to glow dimly and the glow covers his whole body as he is transformed. His skin takes on a greenish bluish tint and his muscles are even larger in apperance. Windsplitter awakens with a start and feels the power within him and he smiles " Thank you Goddess, I will use your gift with great vigor" Windsplitter says to his totem, then goes back to sleep.


Congrats on leveling up. Kheg learned a couple of ranger spells. Something he never thought a proper thief would ever do. It’s funny how things change.

Power boost

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