Kheg Secret Pages2

Days 127 - 128

Day 127 – Afternoon
Castle grounds
Mere of Deadmen

Day 127
After another long canoe trip we have arrived back at the lizard camp for our initial survey of the castle grounds. Our plan now is to return to the roadhouse in hopes of obtaining more equipment for our castle invasion.

Day 128
We are at the roadhouse and will stay here one evening. On our way here, while we were making our way through the swamp, we saw a few torches and guessed that they were being carried by as many as 7 or 8 people. We were never able to get close enough to see who they were since they were moving faster than we could as we tried to sneak up on them. We do however suspect that they were going towards the dragon’s lair since they were spotted moving a northeasterly direction.

Day 129
Earlier today we spent 5 hour marching through the Mere of Dead Men. We ran across 9 crocodiles, but felt that with limited supplies and an upcoming castle breach, slaying crocs wasn’t in our best interest. We took a little detour that added about 40 minutes to our hike, but at least we were able to keep all our fingers and toes. Well most of us have toes; I’m not sure what Peagus has.

We have reached the lizardfolk’s camp and this evening we’ll retire early and for a predawn rise. We plan to be at the castle just as the sun rises. With only two of our crew being able to see in the dark we need to make as much use of the daylight hours as we can since we have no idea how long this siege will take.

Day 130
It is mid morning as I sit here on a bed, on the 2nd floor of the north tower of the castle. I am accompanied by Orlin, Peagus, Windspliter, and Altair. The plan to waltz in the front gate posing as Melcori earlier this morning actually worked. Quetzel served up a quick dish of bullshit after Peagus failed to get us through by intimidating the guards. Of course the stupidity of the humanoid toads guarding the gate played into our favor; thank you Melchori for making this all much more simpler than I had expected. Not only did we get through the gate with ease, we were even escorted to these comfortable barracks we sit in by the man in charge of operations within these castles walls. I don’t remember his name, but it’s not like it’s important for he will be dead within the next hour. Although we are being given preferential treatment, posing as Venomfang’s envoy’s from Thundertree didn’t get me the red carpet I was hoping for, but it is helping keep us alive. I guess on the hierarchy of dragons, Venomfang is near the bottom.

In only a few short minutes we’ll send a signal to the lizardfolk that their revolt has started and that their liberation is near. The mattress I sit on will become the fuel to the signal fire atop the north tower and once a blaze, if all goes well, Quetzel and this team of lizardfolk will be successful in destroying the signal drums before they go thump to muster in more enemy combatants.

Day 130 – Mid morning
Inside the Melchori Castle
Mere of Dead Men



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