Embracing Death

Isam's Fate

This was it.

He didn’t even have the chance to look into his bringer of death’s eyes. All he saw was the devilish smile of a red wizard as Isam collapsed to the ground, blood and entrails hemoraging from the massive wound. Shock took away most of the pain as blackness set in.

All was silent for a few moments. His life never flashed before his eyes. For most of his life he had been preparing for this moment. He knew his life could end at any time and he prepared accordingly.

Suddenly he awoke, or seemed to awake in a gray, cold land of no sun and devoid of life. Before him stood a black shrouded being. Isam kneeled immediately upon seeing the visage of his god, Kelemvor.

“Rise, servant of death.” the god’s words echoed in a stern yet ethereal tone. Isam stood and stared into the face of death itself. Kelemvor’s face was covered by a silver death mask with cold, white eyes piercing through. Hair in the blackest of shades hung low from his head. His right hand was pure bone and covered in what seemed to be a thin layer of permafrost that emanated a faint wisps of chilling air.

“I assure you, servant, this is your proper time. You have served me well in your life, faithfully and dutifully. You did however, fail to retrieve your order’s sacred scales. While you may see that as a personal failure, it is no failure of mine. A mere lost trinket of the gods among many for mortals to toy with.”

Isam remained silent. Not out of fear, but respect.

“You may speak, servant.”

“Oh Just Kelemvor, I am honored by your words. I will continue to serve you in death as I have in life.”

Kelemvor lifted his icy hand of bone towards Isam. With a flick of the wrist a gray smoke washed over his ethereal form. In his hand he found a hand scythe that glowed with deathly power.

“Your service to me was warranted you the power to be one of my reapers. You will guide lost souls from the world of the living to the realms of death in which they belong. In your duties you are unseen to the living. This is a great honor, Isam Tobin. May you embrace death as you have life.”

With those words Kelemvor washed over with gray smoke and disappeared. With that, Isam’s surroundings seemed to fade into existence. He found himself surrounded by gray walls addorned with bones. A hooded figure with a glowing scythe at it’s side spoke to him.

“Welcome to the city of the dead. Your reaper training will begin now.”



Embracing Death

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