An excerpt from the private research journal and spell tome of Mizry Jones

"Arcanum and it's forces: A study in opposition and enhancement"

It has been known to scholars of the magickal arts that the forces of the arcane can be channeled and uitilized by mortals skilled, lucky and/or determined enough to gain knowledge of its use. The forces can be channeled with different effects, giving us the 8 differentiated (excluding the 9th category of spells which seem able to be utilized by most mortals, and are therefore not bound by the same arcane restraints, nor gifted with the same power) schools of magick.
As in all natural phenomena, each of these 8 schools has an equal and opposite partner by which it is opposed. It is my assertion, which is as of yet unresearched, that each school likewise contains the potential to be enhanced by an auxiliary school. The common arcana symbol could be seen as evidence of this, as the schools are classified into their opposites, but with complementary schools placed perpendicularly:
Thus, as seen here, conjuration is opposed by evocation, as is common knowledge. A common application of this phenomenon is in conjured magical shields or armor, which are far more effective at halting the effects of an evocation than their mundane counterparts. However, if my assertion holds true, then both schools will be similarly enhanced by the use of either enchanting magick or transmutative magick. A pair of casters working together, therefore, could enhance the effects of each others spells, providing they have enough knowledge to know which spells enhance which other spells. By this I mean, not all evocations can be assisted by all enchantments, for only some evocations are aided by enchanting effects while the others are aided by transmutative effects. This theory, if true at all, will theoretically then hold true for every spell class. This idea clearly needs more research and practical application, however, and as long as my Idiot Brother and I continue this foolish adventuring nonsense, I plan on utilizing his inborn skills to enhance my own spells, and vice versa. Of course, he needn’t know of his new position as a Research Subject, for I am certain he would try his utmost to thwart my research, obnoxious fool that he is.
a sidenote
I have noted upon our most recent battle his previous untested skill with certain evocations. I believe the effects of his lasting lightning evocation could be lengthened when a subject is charmed or otherwise mentally impaired by one of my enchantments. I shall have to test this theory the next time we encounter undesirable creatures.


In plain Common tongue, for the uneducated commoner, what are we talking about here?

By the way you spelled magic wrong; no need to thank me now.


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